VB AddErrorHandler

By August 8, 2009Miscellaneous

FREE Visual Basic 6 add-in, that will speed up adding error handling code to procedures and functions. It has built in CallStack and is fully customizable.

Best of all, it will add runtime CallStack capabilities to your applications. From now on, if an error occurs at runtime, you won’t have to guess what happened 🙂

Download it here

Short Description:

After installation, the add-in will load on startup of Visual Basic. A new toolbar Application error thumbnail will be available. Button functions starting from the left:Add error handling code to the current procedure, add error handling code to the current module, plug-in options.

Depending on the option settings, the plug-in might add multiple files to your project. The source code to those files is in SRC directory of the plug-in. Feel free to customize it at will.


AddErrorHandler logo
Standard error message

Toolbar image
Detailed error message ,
includes the callstack

Program Options
Plug-in options

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